Taxi Strike and the Uber Fight


The Uber battle is real….

Originally posted on Life With My 5 Guys In France:

The taxi’s are striking again in Paris.  They are protesting Uber, which is technically illegal in France.  Uber has two series, UberBlack which employs licensed drives and UberPop, in which anyone can be a driver.  A law was passed late last year that went into effect 1 Jan that made Uber illegal.  Uber promptly appealed the legislation, and during the appeal process Uber is allowed to still conduct business.  The strike today is particularly against UberPop. If drivers are caught they can be fined 300,000€ and face 2 years imprisonment, France has fined about 450 drivers, and Uber helps the drivers cover the fine.  Though all this Uber continues to expand it’s service in France.

The taxi drivers in France, actually have a legitimate reason to be angry against UberPop, which uses unlicensed drivers.  Legitimate drivers have to pay the government 230,000-250,000€ to be a driver.  The UberPop drivers do…

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