Seven Ages of Paris by Alistair Horne


This is a great book to read if you are coming to Paris. The stories about the people and places help bring the ancient city to life. I also think that it is popular with some of the tour guides as well since I have heard some of the stories and facts repeated a few times.

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I have been reading quite a bit lately.  I actually finished this before I started ‘King’s Leopold’s Ghosts”.  I found this book when I was in the gift shop at Chateau Versailles.   So, I thought I would read it.  I found the information very good especially in relation to the tours that I have been doing in Paris.  Some of the information I read in the book has been echoed in the tours that I have done.


This by no means a complete, history of everything in Paris.  This book however, is a very nice compilation of 7 periods that span 9 centuries that the author choose to write about.  He starts at the beginning and refers to Luticia, that name that Celts that settled this area called their village.  This included the Romans and their rule of the area. The second age includes Henry IV, the third age…

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