The Reality of a Monday (after a terror attack)

Originally posted on Life With My 5 Guys In France:

This morning has been a bit hard.  We woke up to find out that France had bombed major sites. I know that Hollande called the attack in January Frances’ 9/11, but it is my belief that this was truly their 9/11.  I was a bit surprised to hear about the French attacks that were launched in Syria so soon.  I knew that France was participating in the bombing campaign against the islamic group in Syria, but I thought maybe any retaliation would be after the 3 day mourning period.  Hollande stuck while the proverbial iron was hot, which may have been good and gave the French an element of surprise in their attacks.  I am sure that we will hear the details of the damage done very soon though the media.

I have been talking to other mums on the internet about their fears.  School is in session today all…

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