Pollution Days

Life With My 5 Guys In France

Well, as you might have heard by now, the pollution in Paris hit alarming levels.  The weekend before this all started we headed out for some shopping and dinner.  We headed to Plasiar.  When we were on the way, Superhandsome noticed electronic postings that indicated the speed limit was reduced due to high levels of pollution.  Apparently as the weekend went on the pollution levels in Paris got worse.  I noticed that I was often not able to see the Eiffel tower as I walked Chip.  In fact, they were so alarming that from 14 March to 17 March the administration in Paris decided that all public transit methods would be free to those that ride.  Then, they took it a step further and said on 17 March that only cars with plates that ended in odd numbers could drive into the city, they also kept all public transportation free…

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