Cafe Roussillon

Cafe Roussillon is a homey, pleasant restaurant that my husband and I found when we visited Paris in 2013.   We have been there a few times since and we have never been disappointed.  It is located near the Eiffel Tower at the corner of rue Cler and rue Grenelle.




My husband and I have ate there for dinner twice.  Both times we have chosen something off to the daily specials instead of something off the menu.  I ate the duck and he ate the beef.  Both times we found the our selection to be delicious.


This was my roasted duck leg with potatoes.


Here was my husband’s steak.  The fries in particular are delicious.  This salad was not an exciting salad, but I will say that they do serve better salads.

I can also recommend the desserts.  They make a lovely creme brûlée.  Recently, I had a lunch with girl friends.  I enjoyed my hamburger and for dessert we all choose to have a cafe gourmand.  Many of the restaurants in Paris offer this option.  We were given a small creme brûlée, a macaroon, a piece of chocolate, and a espresso.  It was lovely end to a delicious meal.

Cafe Roussillon is a wonderfully casual place that I would definitely take my children.  It is also a great place to meet friends.

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