Le Nemours

I was recommended this little cafe by a tour guide.  I attend her tours when I can.  I met a fellow Raytheon wife here.  We sat indoors as it was still early in the spring and the weather was still cool.




We started out with a small apterif of Kir and some olives.  When I am out for lunch I often opt for the quiche and salad option.  I enjoy them and I find them a light lunch and they are always delicious.  When I was at the Le Nemours, I decided to have another French staple, a croque monsieur.  It is basically an open faced melted cheese sandwich and often has meat on it.  The one that I tried was the Italian version, so it was with an Italian ham.  It was good.  We ended the meal with a coffee Americo or en creme and I had an espresso.

Le Nemours has a very nice atmosphere and the outdoor seating is also really lovely.  The food is nice and the location is very close to the Louvre.  I would recommend it to others and I would go again!

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