Le Relais l’Entrocote

The Le Relais de l’Entrocote that I went to is located near the Latin Quarter the address is 20 rue Saint-Benoi, it is located in a little ally off Boulvard St Germain.   I need to clarify because there are several locations in Paris.




I was posed to have the risotto from the menu.  The waiter arrived and talked us all into the special.  It was a very tender piece of slow beef cooked to a lovely tenderness that it could be eaten with a spoon.  It was delicious.  It was served with mashed potatoes and a most delicious gravy.  Two of us did eat it with a spoon.  It was a very delicious meal on a day that was a little overcast and a bit cool outside.  

It was a such a yummy meal.  I would recommend that when dining in Paris to listen to the advice of the wait staff.  They will not steer you wrong.  I am so glad that I listened, I think that I would have been disappointed if I would have made another choice, especially since all the other women in my group decided to take the waiters advice!


My apologies on the lack of pictures of the food.  I will just assure you that it was DELICIOUS!


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