Le Procope

I talked my friend into going to Le Procope when I found out on a recent tour that it is the oldest cafe in Paris. Founded in 1686, by a very entrepreneurial Sicilian named Francesco Procopio del Coltelli. It started out as a coffee house.  It is located across the street from a building that used to be a comedy theater now in the 8th arrondissement of the famous Latin quarter. The cafe quickly grew to a literary meeting place for many famous faces.  Over time the theatre left and was turned into flats and the restaurant stayed. It has hosted many famous names including Ben Franklin, Napoleon Bonaparte, Voltaire and many of the now famous French revolutionaries.



I made reservations for noon. I was a little late and while I waited for my friend the very attentive waiter started me with my favorite aperitif, Kir. When my friend arrived she was was treated with the same prompt and friendly service. We soon decided on our order, both deciding to eat from the set menu. We both ate veal, she prefers hers well done while I asked for mine to be medium or a point (cool pink inside for France). Both of our veal came out cooked to perfection. It was also served with lovely mashed potatoes and some delicious gravy.

For dessert we had the tiramisu. All the desserts are made in the restaurant according to the menu and it is true. The waiter was very funny and brought out a beautiful tiramsu that had not been cut into. He jokingly offered us the whole dish, but thankfully just gracefully dished us both out a lovely serving.  It was not just beautiful, it was delicious!

Lunch was lovely and I am exciting to bring back family and other visitors when I get the chance. I will make reservations again to ensure we will have a spot.

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