A Priori Thé

I was introduced to A Priori Thé when I recently did a tour of some of the covered passages in Paris.  This pleasant little restaurant is the most lovely hidden gem.


After a lovely tour, a group of friends and I went back the this lovely place for lunch. This cute little restaurant is located in the historic Galarie Vivienne. The Galerie was built in 1823.  It is worth the visit all on it’s own with the beautiful mosaics that cover the floor and the so many lovely shops that you will want to visit.  In the 1980’s the galerie underwent a renovation and that’ when A Priori Thé was established by three Americans women and a French woman in 1980.

We had a very lovely lunch full of flavor and better yet on the light side. We were a group of about 12 and everyone was very pleased with their food choices.  I choose to have chicken with green beans and a lovely salad.  This can be such a bland meal but A Priori Thé made the bland, fantastic.  The green beans, salad and chicken was all flavored so delightfully with a wonderful herb concoction that made my taste buds SING.


The restaurant also worked hard to get us in and out of record time for a French restaurant. Some of the women in my group were not able to have a long liesurely lunch that afternoon and so I did not try any of the desserts.  I am anxious to remedy that and go back soon to enjoy a more leisurely lunch and an equally lovely experience.



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