Musée Rodin

This is my second visit to the Musée Rodin.  The musée is delightful, the grounds in particular can make for a lovely, relaxing afternoon.  In fact, the grounds are the largest, privately held in the city of Paris.  The grounds are definitely family friendly.


It was a lovely day for our tour, hopefully when you go to visit the weather will be nice.  You can see Invalidies and the Eiffel Tower from the grounds.





The roses have been gorgeous  during both of my visits.


The musée is currently under renovation.  So, parts of Hôtel Biron are closed at the moment.  I would encourage you not to let you discourage you from a visit.  Rodin was a prolific sculpture and made 6,500 sculptures and 6,500 drawings and other art works.  Plus he had his own private collection of works from many of his contemporaries.  There is still a lot to see and enjoy.

Hôtel Biron was built in the early 18th century.  It spent time as a school for young girls and then in 1904 it was handed to the French state.  It was after this that Rodin was a tenant, along with Henri Matisse, Joan Coctuea (a writer), Isadora Duncan (a dancer) and Rainer Maria Rilke (a poet).  He took over the whole building in 1911.  It was handed over to the state later and turned into a museum two years after he died.


One his most recognized is The Thinker



One of the most interesting is the The Gates of ****.  It took 37 years to complete and if you look closely you will see that it has many of his sculptures and famous works in/on it.

Exhibits and more of the collection are housed in this building.  It was a chapel that was build in 1876.DSCN4938

There is a little café on site and the grounds are family and kid friendly with a sandbox for the little ones to play in. Enjoy your visit!

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