Princess Diana

When I moved to Paris, it never even occurred to me that this was where Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed met their sad fate.  It was only when I was on a carriage ride though Paris on my birthday was it pointed out to me.

Princess Diana died in 1997.  The crash occurred in a a tunnel near Porte de l’Alama and the Alama metro station off of metro line 9.  The Flame of Liberty was erected on a walk way above the tunnel before the fatal crash occurred.  It was erected in 1989.  It was a gift to France, it is a replica of the torch the the Statue of Liberty in New York City carries.  It has become part of the unofficial memorial to Princes Diana.


“The Flame of Liberty. An exact replica of the Statue of Liberty’s flame offered to the people of France by donors throughout the world as a symbol of the Franco-American friendship. On the occasion of the centennial of the International Herald Tribune. Paris 1887-1987.”



People also write messages to the Princess.  They often leave flowers at the base of the torch as well.  In reading the messages that are wrote all over the cement, it is obvious that Princess Diana touched many people in her life.

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