Museé Guimet

I was invited on a tour of this museum, and I was not sure this was going to be my thing. I am not an art scholar and my art background is lacking. My art appreciation is limited to impressionist and the Germans/Dutch/Netherland artists who portrayed real life. I do, however enjoy studying the cultures of Asia and I have read and studied a lot about China, so I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did!


I found the tour interesting and the collections, beautiful. The collection from Cambodia is particularly interesting. I found great joy in the statues that smiled peacefully at me. The temples have to be magnificent in person. The model that the museum has on display is incredible.

IMG_3754We also spent some time in the collection from Afghanistan. Sadly, at the moment, the artifacts that are in Afghanistan are being plundered and mutilated as the heads of statues are being broken off and sold at auction in some of the European auction houses. Also the Taliban during their reign destroyed some pretty magnificent statues of Budda.  The most interesting thing that I can tell you about this collection, is that you can see the Greek/Roman influence on some of the statues. This is because at one point the Roman empire controlled territory as far west as Afghanistan.  Some of the work looks strangle Christian with different gods represented and different stories portrayed.

The end of our tour found us in the Chinese section. We did a quick walk though and saw some of the jade and porcelain.

There is still more areas of the museum that I have not seen. I am looking forward to going though again with the audio guide to learn some more interesting things!

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