King Leopold’s Ghost

I recently read “King Leopold’s Ghost” in my quest to learn more about the history of Europe. I am honestly not sure how I picked this book up as it really deals with the untold horrors that occurred in the Congo under the direction of King Leopold. It is an interesting study on the divine right to rule. King Leopold does indeed have skeletons in his closet. He can easily be called a ‘Scrouge’ in his own right.

Life With My 5 Guys In France

I have been on a history kick lately, in particular I have been reading a lot about Europe, since I live here. Along with many Americans I have big interest in the royal families of Europe. The kings in Euope gained they power by having the bigger armies and the most cash/resources. Colonialism is another ugly part of the past that is has been systematically pushed under the rug, hidden, and denied until the truth was made undeniable. This is the story of King Leopold II and his grab for the Congo and the way he and his cohorts kept the native Africans in slavery. They systematically killed and maimed the population that lived in the area. They worked the people that were to their deaths.

Who was King Leopold II?  He was the second king of Belgium and refined 44 years.  His reign started with the death of his…

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