So, we had a small bump in our holiday to Barcelona. I made a mistake when I booked the dates and the apartment we stayed at was not able to accommodate the change we needed. It was just an annoyance and basically caused us not to be able to sightsee until our second full day. 

Our first apartment was a nice one and we were able to walk to a very nice mall. We are guessing it was repurposed from an arena since it was named arena mall. We ate dinner in a nearby restaurant our first night. 

We walked though a very nice park that my younger two really enjoyed  

Superhandsome thought the play equipment was very cool. He also enjoyed seeing all the dogs running around the park. We also figured out that in Barcelona, like in Paris, there is dog poo all over the sidewalks. Ugh. (No pictures, I think you can imagine the messes) 

The apartment that we moved to, while not so centrally located in Barclona does have another nice mall that we have frequented and fantastic views of the beach 


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