First Tourist Day in Barcelona 

So our first tourist day was on Saturday. We went used the metro and went to the famous shopping street, Las Ramblas.  

As we wandered down La Ramblas we found the famous market that Link had visited when he was in Barcelona a few weeks ago for a school trip. It was a nice market with mostly food. The fresh fruit cups were inexpensive between 1-2€. They were sold by the fruit vendors. They also sold fruit smoothies for a €. Of course the Iberian hams take centre stage. 


We did not try the chocolate covered fruit. An excuse to return?!?

We wandered down to the end of the street to the famous statue of Christopher Colombus. I wonder if the Spanish know or understand the current growing backlash regarding him in America. I know I am not a fan of him at all. He was a brutal man who still insisted he had found the Indies on his death bed. 

Sunshine Boy and Anakin joined with others in climbing on the big statues 

We walked to another mall on the seaside and grabbed donuts from Dunkin Coffee. Dunkin Coffee must be doing well against Starbucks as we saw quite a few while in Barclona. 


These boats are huge as are the homes located behind them. This must be where some of the eliete live and play. 

One thing we do not see in Paris is these vendors that sell fakes. They were all over Barclona and Italy. France has very stiff fines if you are caught with a fake. My suggestion would be to leave them home if you are visiting France. 

Then there are the many sculptures around Barcelona. Barcelona may have Paris beat. I’m not sure. 

We ended our day with a walk on the beach. Under the cover of darkness, Superhandsome climbed the rope web with our younger two. All in all a good day with a lot seen and done!

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