Sunday in Barclona 

Sunday dawned overcast but in the high 60’s. So we decided to do an outdoor activity. We headed to Parc del Laberint d’Horta. 

Work began on the park in 1781. Marquis Joan Antoni Desvalls i d’Ardena, owner of the lot, created the design of a neoclassical garden in collaboration with Italian architect Domenico Bagutti. Execution was made under direction of master builders Jaume and Andreu Valls as well as French gardener Joseph Delvalet.

We choose to go on Sunday when we could enter for free. I had read that entry was limited to 750 people a day, but it did not seem that they were counting when we were there. It was a day where we saw many Soanish families that were also there to enjoy the park. 

Here are the boys with Superhandsome after we conquered the maze. Sunshine Boy and Anakin beat is all to the centre. 

Here they are running through it again as we look down from a terrace above. 

The park also contained a lovely waterfall and a romantic garden that was added in the mid-19th century.

In the 1960’s the park was turned over to the city of Barcelona by the Desvalls family. The palace was built in 1791 and has hosted numerous functions. 


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