The Aquarium 

Anakin requested to go to the aquarium and the day we choose to go dawned wet with the weather app promising clearing skies. 

So after a big breakfast at the apartment, we headed out to the aquarium. The evening before, Superhandsome had promised that we were would try and find the best burger place in Barcelona. So that was on the list as well. 

   Anakin was very pleased that there were so many sharks. He talked to us about the in detail. I know that we saw white tipped finned reef, black tip finned reef, sand sharks, sand bar sharks and a nurse shark. Unfortunately, Anakin has not obtained his SCUBA certification. If he had, there was an option to dive in the tanks. 

After we finished at the aquarium we headed to Pim Pim Plat, which came highly recommended for their burgers. The burgers were good. They had a special queso sauce with peppers. It was not overpowering and was a nice addition to the burger. 

Afterward we walked around a bit and found Preitola Barcelona, a little pretzel shop. The boys were done at that point so Suoerhandsome and I took them back to the apartment and headed out for some time out on our own. 

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