13 November I’ll Always Remember

Life With My 5 Guys In France

The actual saying that I am stealing this from is Guy Falkes Day, a British event that has been turned into a bonfire night and it goes like this:

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

I am not going to go into Guy Falkes day you can read about it on my English blog http://lifewithmy5guys.blogspot.fr/2011/11/guy-fawkes-day-november-5.html

The fact remains the same, I will forever remember the 13th of November.  Link (son 2) was in Germany.  He was running in the Cross Country International School competition.  We had settled in for the evening and we were just waiting to hear from him.  The plan was for him to take the metro home from Gare du Nord.  He texted us when he was close to the station to let us know that he was in France.  He has a very limited mobile phone plan and had to wait until he was close to Paris to let…

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