Etat d’Urge

Life With My 5 Guys In France

In English that means state of emergency.  François Hollande, the president of France declared a state of emergency for the country 13 November, just around midnight.  Superhandsome and I were watching an English news source that was broadcasting his speech.

So, what does that really mean for me as a private citizen?  I am just figuring that out.  This weekend it meant that a lot of shops were closed, the museums, open air markets, gyms, cinemas, and tourists spots were closed.  Paris has few malls and the one that we did go to on Saturday was open but with added security.  Many of the shops inside were closed.  Schools were closed on Saturday  (many French schools have classes on Saturday,).  Also the children’s sporting events were canceled as well.  Any place where there was a large public gathering, it was canceled.  People were also asked to stay home.

So, my…

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